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As SMP Marka Pazarlama with 21 years of experience, carrying out design, production and marketing activities together.We are an innovative production organization that combines the best service and the best quality with strong production experience. We manage the needs of the collections of world brands and prominent fashion brands in Turkey in the field of ready-to-wear, with our advanced operational capabilities.

As SMP, we manage the flag we receive from our customers, by carrying it to the production stage, with our teammates, each of whom is very experienced in their own field, and our knowledge in the sector and the market.

By looking at the entire process management from the perspective of the customer, we perform our controls and follow-ups down to the deepest details. We make predictions and analyzes by working proactively, and we take care to prevent mistakes before they occur.

We closely follow the developments in the sector, we find and recommend innovations that will guide the sector with our continuous R&D. We strive to create difference and value in our field.

We invite you to work with us to produce high efficiency in your projects!

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It organizes all the operational processes of the production system in the best way.  The entire process is managed in the best way from the first moment by determining the needs by Customer Representatives and expert teams in the field of production and textile.


Before proceeding to the production stage, the color, fabric, dimensions, threads used in sewing, patterns or prints on the model, if any, in short, all operational processes before production are planned by the SMP Collective House and transferred to the SMP RESARCH TEAM department.


It compiles and analyzes data on competitors, markets, retail and consumer purchases to meet customer demand and achieve its common goal.


The in-house quality control team manages production details from start to finish. We provide competitive pricing structures everywhere with our in-house end-to-end operations, including the Quality Control team and warehouse.

We work with the modelist team and professional textile research experts with 21 years of textile production experience. With fabric know-how, we carry out all our developments rapidly with our expert teams. Quality control teams, in which international quality control standards are applied, are our most important factor in getting the best results by carrying out regular work in the field. By applying Textile Laboratory Tests, our products are delivered with a strong logistics structure that includes the storage and packaging of ready-made products.


With our experience in outdoor product production, we follow the global trends in sportswear, clothing and street fashion, we search for technological innovations and include them in our production processes. Working in the field of R&D and Innovation, developing environmentally friendly and innovative technological products are the most important   is one of our elements.

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We have a modern and flexible approach with our high production knowledge and experience over the years.


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To offer value-added products in line with the expectations of our customers with our flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative structure.



From SMP Collective House, sales team, market analysis to price and quality research and shipment management, we offer comprehensive textile and accessory sourcing services for all International and Turkish markets of our customers.


Our dynamic team of designers collaborates with clients to bring their visions to life. The determined design is transferred to the SMP Research LAB department.


After the research phase is completed, silhouettes are developed, fabrics and details and necessary accessories are selected and specifications are created while the Modelist Teams start working. SMP Research LAB runs until the development research phase is completed. The project is reviewed and optimized until the prototype, desired model, style and fit with the brand identity are approved.


Fashion and Sportswear experts meticulously carry out sample studies for each brand, and production samples are carefully prepared for each customer.


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